OPzS Series Battery 50 blog

How to choose OPzS series battery?

Choosing the correct OPzS series battery for you can ensure it provides reliable backup power in various telecommunications and industrial applications. Many options are available in the market, so it is necessary to understand the key factors to consider. This article introduces you to Mk Energy’s OPzS series battery and its features.

Learn about OPzS series battery

OPzS series batteries, also known as tubular plate lead-acid batteries, are known for their reliability, longevity, and deep cycle capabilities. They have a rugged design with a tubular-positive plate made from a lead alloy with additives such as antimony or selenium. Offering excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to mechanical stress, and high cycle application capabilities, these tubular plates feature a tubular positive plate and gel electrolyte that provide excellent cycling capabilities and deep discharge performance without accelerated capacity loss or performance degradation, Making it ideal for renewable energy storage systems, off-grid applications, and UPS systems.


OPzS series battery capacity and voltage

Among Mk Energy, the standard voltage configurations of OPzS series batteries include 2V or 12V, and the capacity range is 100Ah-3000Ah. These configurations can be combined according to the needs of the application. For example, UPS or telecommunications base station backup power systems often use series and parallel configurations to meet the required requirements. Attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate OPzS battery based on specific application requirements and system design. It is essential to ensure that the battery’s capacity and voltage match the system’s needs and that the guidance and recommendations provided by the manufacturer are followed during installation and use.

Cycle life and performance of OPzS series batteries

Mk Energy’s OPzS series batteries have excellent cycle life. Their self-discharge rate is as low as ≤3%/month (25°C) and can be used for over 15 years. This long life is due to its rugged design, using a tubular positive plate made of lead alloy with additives such as antimony or selenium. At the same time, these tubular plates offer excellent resistance to corrosion mechanical stress and high cycle application capabilities. The performance of the Mk Energy OPzS series batteries is further enhanced by their flooded electrolyte design, which facilitates efficient charging and discharging processes, resulting in consistent, reliable operation over their lifetime.


Maintenance requirements for OPzS series battery

Maintaining your OPzS Series battery is critical to ensure longevity and optimal performance throughout its lifetime. We need to regularly monitor the electrolyte levels in the battery to ensure they are within specified limits. Distilled water can be added as necessary to maintain proper electrolyte levels. Use a hydrometer to periodically measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte in each cell. This helps assess the state of charge and detect any abnormalities in battery performance. Next, check the battery terminals and connections for signs of corrosion, loose connections, or damage. Finally, pay attention to regular balancing charging to balance the power of each battery in the battery pack. This helps mitigate cell imbalance issues and ensures consistent performance across all cells.

Environmental considerations

Mk Energy’s OPzS series of batteries is designed to be recyclable, with lead and plastic components being the main materials recovered and reused. Proper recycling ensures that valuable materials are extracted and reintroduced into the production cycle, reducing environmental impact. In addition, OPzS series batteries feature an energy-saving design with a low self-discharge rate and high charge/discharge efficiency. Maximizing energy efficiency, these batteries help reduce overall energy consumption and environmental impact.


Mk Energy can provide OPzS series batteries with excellent cycle life and high capacity. They can be configured in series and parallel. Of course, you must also understand your specific needs when choosing an OPzS series battery that meets your long-term needs.