Nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing device for lithium batteries

Fire is one of the unavoidable risks in our daily life. There are various fire extinguishing devices available on the market, such as foam fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, etc. Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, battery manufacturers often use nano-scale microcapsule fire extinguishing devices.

Nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing device is a new type of fire extinguishing technology. It uses capsules made of polymer materials, which are no larger than micrometers and filled with perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent. Once a fire occurs, the capsule shell breaks and automatically sprays out highly efficient perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent, which instantly extinguishes the fire at the initial stage of the fire and prevents the fire from spreading.

Compared with traditional fire extinguishing methods, nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices have the following advantages:

 Active induction, automatic fire extinguishing

Nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices have multiple characteristics such as insulation, cooling, anti-aging, flexibility, etc. They can immediately detect the occurrence of fire when the fire temperature reaches 140℃ in the open flame state, and automatically start the fire extinguishing mechanism, spraying out high-efficiency fire extinguishing medium to quickly cool down the fire source, inhibit the combustion reaction, and instantly extinguish the fire. It is one of the mainstream built-in automatic fire extinguishing devices in China.


Small space occupation and simple installation

Nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices are very small in size and are very suitable for various confined spaces. They can be used to effectively prevent fire accidents caused by new energy battery explosions, socket short circuits, poor contact, aging, etc. The fire extinguishing sticker design is adopted, and the adhesive sticker on the back can be firmly fixed at the place of use. It can be pasted as soon as it is torn off, which is very convenient.

Environmentally friendly materials and low pollution

Unlike traditional fire extinguishing devices such as dry ice, it will cause secondary pollution to the environment. As an emerging fire extinguishing technology, nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices can not only extinguish the source of fire, but also effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by fire, and have many advantages. At present, nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices have been widely used in new energy vehicles, two-wheeled electric vehicles, data centers, power transmission and distribution systems, industrial and household electrical cabinets and other fields to help reduce property losses and casualties.

MK factory uses nano-microcapsule fire extinguishing devices when assembling lithium batteries to further ensure the safety of lithium batteries during use.