Environmental protection and portability of lithium battery

According to the understanding, Lead batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles and electric bicycles; if lead-acid battery enterprises are banned and shut down, How to deal with the electric cars in the market? For this purpose, the Reporter visited the electric vehicle sales Street on West Ring Road of our city.

Lead acid battery supply is tight, Doubled in the past year.

Electric vehicles are consumers favor lightweight Environmental protection.An electric vehicle sales Street on Huancheng West Road, Huizhou, all kinds of electric cars are in the shops. Since the second half of last year, People on electric bikes have found out, The price of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles has started to rise. Lead acid batteries of different brands rose 40~50 %, Original200~300Yuan’s batteries now400~600element.The price rise of lead-acid batteries has put a lot of economic pressure on consumers, With6Said Miss Gao, who was riding an electric car; although there are a few lead-acid accumulators after the Spring Festival this year40~50Price reduction of yuan, the price is still high compared with the previous years.

Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma electric vehicle in Huizhou, recalled, There were two reasons for the rise of lead-acid batteries at that time, One is7~10The month is the peak season of electric cars,

At this time, the battery demand increases. Another reason is the Ministry of environmental protection’s sweeping overhaul of the lead-acid battery industry; a large number of lead-acid battery enterprises have been shut down, Lead acid battery supply in the market is tight, which Directly leads to a price rise.

Shut down substandard lead-acid battery enterprises and promote market specialization.

Information on closing down and banning lead-acid battery enterprises by the environmental protection department, Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma electric vehicle in Huizhou, said it was a happy event for the electric vehicle industry. He said, The lead-acid battery enterprises shut down and banned are all illegal small manufacturers, Their lead-acid batteries are not up to standard; if it flows to the market, there are many hidden dangers. Stopping and banning is not only a bad thing. Instead, the lead-acid battery market has been purified, Providing consumers with more robust security assurance.

Mr. Cheng, head of McCourt Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., also said, Closed down and banning lead-acid battery enterprises will indirectly promote the shuffle of the electric vehicle industry. Small electric vehicle dealers without strength gradually withdraw from the market due to a lack of batteries, Big brand enterprises are left behind,Will better provide consumers with more professional services.

Lithium battery is expensive but light and environmentally friendly.

In recent years, As the government continues to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, Energy vehicles have become a hot topic for significant manufacturers; China’s E-bike industry is also experiencing continuous technological innovation and transformation. According to the understanding, at present, Many e-bike manufacturers have begun to transform, Production of lithium battery electric bicycles. According to Mr. Cheng, head of McCourt Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd, His store has an appointment20%Li battery electric bicycle. Mr. Wei, general agent of Emma’s electric vehicle Huizhou, also said that Emma has a small number of lithium battery electric bicycles.

The Reporter learned in the interview; Lithium battery is environmentally friendly and light; the weight of a lead-acid battery for an electric bicycle25Kg.,The lithium battery only weighs4Kg.Its life is slightly longer than that of a lead-acid battery; if it is only used for commuting or taking children to schoo l,May use2Moryearsar. The current sales volume of lithium battery electribicyclesle is not go; allll the stores in our city add up to only sell in one month100Multiple stations. Mr. Cheng said,Due to the high price of lithium battery electric bicycle,Battery replacement is more expensive,Therefore, consumption should be considered when choosing.According to introduction,At present, the standard lithium battery electric bicycles in the market are3000Yuan Yi Tai,And replacing a lithium battery requires 1500 Yuan or so. The price of lithium battery is the real reason why many consumers are deterred.

The Reporter learned from the electric vehicle Street, Some environmentalists,Or citizens without electric vehicle storage,Satisfied with Li electric bicycle.A middle-aged woman with a child said I’ve been robbed of two electric cars,I bought a light lithium battery electric bicycle this time,Move back to the third floor as soon as you get home,No more opportunities for thieves.


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