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Who We Are

We've been helping customers solve their battery needs for 25 years.

Since the establishment of the company in 1998, we provide battery services to customers in need all over the world, focusing on battery R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. 

We are constantly innovating to maintain our brand and mission, continuously promoting the devlopment of the industry.

We Transform Renewables into 24/7 Energy Source

By storing any excess renewables and smoothing out the energy output, large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable variable energy shifting and ensure power supply is available and sufficient when needed. MK’s large-scale energy storage solution involves the use of state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technologies, fire suppression systems, liquid cooling units, monitoring systems, etc. to reliably store energy on a utility level. It is designed to improve resilience, reliability, and efficiency for renewable energy storage and has demonstrated field-proven performance in various application scenarios.

Why Choose Us

What benefits will you get from choosing MK Energy Batteries?

  • Modular Design
    Allowing faster deployment, easier maintenance and easier transportation for battery storage projects
  • Small Footprint
    As compact as a 20ft container, our battery energy storage system features higher density, which means fewer containers will be required in deployment.
  • Wide Applicability
    Designed for various energy-shifting applications, such as energy storage in power generation, smart load management in power transmission, and peak shaving and valley filling
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  • Long life
    Excellent liquid cooling technology guarantees a 20-year calendar battery life with proper maintenance
  • High Safety
    Cutting-edge fire suppression systems and explosion prevention systems ensure security for operation and deployment
  • Application
    Lighting/Phone Charging/Air-conditioner/Washing machine/TV, PC/Refrigerator/Security system/Emergency system/EMS system/ LCD/ Interchanger/ Monitoring Software
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Industry application experts

Broad range of battery and energy storage solutions

MK provides a wide range of solutions and services, is committed to providing clean power to everyone, and steadfastly strives to become a global leader in clean power conversion technology.

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