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Battery Customization

Customization of battery interface

Battery pressure

Battery capacity

Customize the appearance of the battery
Voltage and battery capacity customization
Different types can be customized for you to choose from, with high cost performance.

Automotive battery, RV battery , etc.

Household energy storage, Solar energy storage ,Telecom, etc.

Size specifications, etc.

Battery Customization Services

MK Energy is a well-known enterprise focusing on battery development, research, customization. We can provide the best personalized solutions according to the needs of different customers, including battery integration and other needs. Through one-on-one communication with customers, we formulate targeted solutions, strictly control the quality of details, and provide professional services.

Battery Specifications
Battery Specifications
Exterior Colors
Exterior Colors
Battery Terminal
Battery Terminal
Customizable Display
Customizable Display
Battery Size

  • According to location space
  • Customized size
  • Customized power
  • Customization for different scenarios
  • According to caravan size
  • Based on household needs
  • Such as these
Battery Capacity

  • Expected daily consumption
  • Termination voltage
  • Discharge current
  • Temperature
  • Alarm/Protection
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Reverse protection
  • Such as these
Battery Energy Density

  • Materials used
  • Unit volume, mass
  • Voltage indication
  • Current detection
  • Such as these
Battery Voltage

  • Battery Chemistry
  • Battery Composition
  • Battery Electrode
  • Charging overvoltage protection
  • Charging overcurrent protection
  • Voltage gap abnormal warning
  • Such as these
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