How to improve lithium-ion battery run time?

As a device that provides stable and uninterrupted power supply to the load, lithium-ion batteries require long-term and stable operation.
Calculation method of lithium-ion battery delayed power supply time: (battery capacity * Battery operating voltage)/Equipment power = extendable time (hours). This calculation method shows that the specific UPS delayed power supply time has an approximate time. The power supply time may fluctuate according to actual usage, and the power supply time may be shorter than the calculated time or longer than the time calculated by the formula.

How to extend power supply time


The number of loads connected to a lithium-ion battery has a relatively large impact on the delayed power supply time. Too many loads will consume more power in the same period of time, while the power that a lithium-ion battery can store is fixed. The more it consumes, the shorter the time it can last for power supply. Therefore, if you want to extend the power supply time on the load, the best way is not to overload. In this way, without the influence of other factors, the delayed power supply time of the lithium-ion battery will be longer than the time calculated by the formula.


Before delaying power supply, whether the lithium-ion battery is fully charged will also affect the delay time of power supply. The principle lies in the consumption of its internal energy storage. There is less power available for consumption, and the time available for consumption will also be reduced.


In addition to the above methods of extending the power supply time without changing the lithium-ion battery itself, there are also methods of replacing a battery with a larger capacity or adding a new battery pack.


If you want to adopt this approach, there are several factors to consider.
1. Pay attention to the placement space and purchase cost of new batteries.
2. Pay attention to the brand and specifications of the new battery. It is best to use the same brand and specifications as the original battery. This can effectively prevent the different internal resistance of the battery from affecting its service life.
3. When modifying lithium-ion batteries, it is best to have professional engineers perform the installation. This can better ensure personnel safety and battery installation effects.

The most important thing to pay attention to when extending the power supply time of lithium-ion batteries is the energy stored inside the battery. No matter how the external power consumption factors change, the core thing that remains unchanged is that the electric energy of the battery itself has a fixed value and total amount, and will decrease with load usage.

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