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Join MK at Solar PV World Expo,Booth B711 712

2024 Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo has been held for 16 consecutive years, website It is an important exhibition platform for global photovoltaic energy storage companies to promote trade and promote brands.The Expo will be held at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou from August 8 to 10, and will be exhibited together with new energy fields such as wind energy, energy storage, and charging piles. The exhibition content covers all areas of photovoltaic energy storage.MK ENERGY will bring several major lithium battery samples to the expo, including: Wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery, Rack-mounted LiFePO4 battery, Stacked LiFePO4 battery, lead-acid case LiFePO4 battery, etc.

Main solutions

RV Energy Storage Solutions: MK offers comprehensive customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. Our lithium batteries are suitable for A/C RVs, campers and other mobile homes.

Home solar energy storage: Equipped with inverter, solar panels, etc., the energy storage lithium battery pack adopts modular design, and the appearance has a humanized human-machine interface display, users can intuitively see the operating status.

C&I energy storage system: It can be flexibly expanded, easy to install and maintain, and perfectly matches various industrial and commercial scenarios; it also supports multi-mode operation and can effectively improve investment returns.

MK has been actively participating in industry exhibitions. In the future, we will also meet you at The Smarter E South America and RE+. For more exhibition updates, please follow our social media accounts.