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Join us at All-Energy Australia, booth NO.XX135

MK Energy will participate in ALL-Energy Australian on 25-26 October 2023 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, At that time, we will bring a professional team to wait for you in booth XX135, welcome to your arrival!

About Fair

All-Energy Australia is Australia’s largest and most anticipated clean energy event. This event, held in partnership with the Clean Energy Council, provides delegates with an exclusive opportunity to learn about new technologies, information and trends related to working or investing in the renewable energy industry.

The theme of the exhibition is clean and renewable energy. All forms of clean and renewable energy are on display, including solar, wind, wave and tidal energy, clean coal, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency. Click on the link to learn more about the exhibition,


MK Energy is a multinational group company integrating battery research and development, production and sales. There are a variety of batteries, and there is a perfect after-sales service, you can contact us on the official website or social media.

MK ENERGY has been engaged in the battery industry since its inception, producing VRLA, deep cycle, colloidal, solar, lithium, and OPzV/OPzS batteries. This time we’re going to focus on lithium batteries, Based on various application scenarios, it can be divided into Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Battery, Rack Mounted LiFePO4 Battery, Stack-based LiFePO4 Battery, and Forklift Lithium Battery and RV&Marine LiFePO4 Battery.

More product information can be clicked on the website product page for details!

AU lithium battery market


* The Australian lithium battery market is driven by the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energy storage systems, and other applications that require high-performance batteries.

* The government’s focus on promoting clean energy technologies and setting ambitious targets for the adoption of EVs has provided significant incentives for companies operating in the lithium battery market to invest in research and development and scale up their production capabilities.

* Australia is a major player in the global lithium battery market, several domestic and international companies are operating in the Australian lithium battery market, investing heavily in research and development, manufacturing, and recycling facilities to support the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries in Australia and around the world.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with an area of 30,000 square metres, is the largest exhibition centre in the Southern Hemisphere and hosts several major exhibitions each year. On the exhibition day of October 25-26, our professional engineers and salesmen will be at the scene, we can answer professional product questions for you, and we can also exchange energy development issues. Looking forward to seeing you at the show!