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Join us at RE+2023 Booth NO.30087

RE+ 2023, the largest energy event in North America, takes place September 11-14 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. MK Energy is exhibiting at booth NO 30087.

About the fair

RE+ is the largest energy event in North America and RE+ 2023 Las Vegas will be the premier business-to-business event and the best place to connect with professionals from the solar energy, energy storage, smart energy, microgrids, wind energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, electric vehicle infrastructure and wind industries.

The 2023 event will give you access to SPI, ESI, RE+ Power and RE+ Infrastructure, as well as provide unparalleled networking opportunities and education sessions for every learning level of interest. There is no better chance to connect with professionals from every facet of the industry than during the upcoming RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas.

RE+2023 is more than just an energy exhibition; It is a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable world. The agenda includes a wide range of topics, from the latest advances in renewable energy sources to discussions on energy storage, grid integration and the role of technology in revolutionizing the energy industry. The show was extremely well received and brought together many industry leaders, with MK Energy among them.

Booth and MK

Sands Expo epitomizes excellence in event hosting. It is Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, adjacent to The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas, with 2.25 million square feet of flexible combined meeting and convention space, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of exhibitors and attendees alike.

From its modern exhibition spaces to its sophisticated conference facilities, the Sands Expo sets the stage for inspiring discussions, captivating product sdisplay, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The pavilion has two floors, MK’s booth is located on the first floor, Sands Level 1. You can check the RE+ website for the specific location.(

After 25 years of development, MK Energy looks forward to shaping the future of clean energy with a strong commitment to sustainability and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Produces VRLA, Deep Cycle, GEL, Solar, Lithium, and OPzV/OPzS batteries. We are an excellent storage battery supplier & company and provide quality batteries for clients, successively passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, and ISO18001 health system certification; The products have passed UL, EU CE, ROHS, and IEC certifications.

The MK team has extensive exhibition experience and deep insight into clean energy technologies, sustainable practices and the energy industry. Welcome to interact with our team. This is a unique opportunity to connect and explore innovative solutions. Stay tuned for more updates, insights and exclusive announcements as the event gets underway. Follow our official social media channels for real-time information and highlights.

Among the industry titans participating in RE+2023, MK Energy is deeply engaged in clean energy. Our commitment to sustainability and relentless pursuit of green energy solutions keeps us pushing the boundaries of innovation. To know more detailed company and product information, please go to the product page of the website for details, or leave your questions or needs, we will contact you as soon as possible!

American battery market 

The United States is the largest country market in the North American Lithium-ion Battery Market.The U.S. lithium-ion battery market is estimated to have revenues of $11.2 billion in 2023. It is expected to reach $35 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 25.49% during the period 2023-2028.

Growing Demand for EVs——The United States has been experiencing rising demand for electric vehicles, of which lithium-ion batteries are a key component.

Investment in Battery Manufacturing——To support the growing EV market and energy storage applications, several battery manufacturing facilities have been established or expanded in the United States.

Government Support——The US government has shown support for the development of the battery industry through grants and incentives.Initiatives such as the Advanced Technology Loan Program and investments by the U.S. Department of Energy have played a role in fostering the development of lithium batteries.

Energy Storage Market——Lithium-ion batteries are used in grid stabilization, renewable energy integration and backup power solutions.The market is expected to grow further as utilities and businesses seek efficient energy storage options.