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Q3 meeting: Summarize for better moving forward

At the beginning of this month, MK Energy held its third quarter 2023 meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to summarize the work results of Q3, look forward to the development direction of the next quarter, commend outstanding employees, and conduct employee training to further enhance the overall quality and competitiveness of the team.

Quarterly training

At the beginning of the meeting, a wonderful quarterly employee training was conducted. In this quarter’s training, training topics cover all aspects, from business etiquette to communication and handling of interpersonal relationships, and more in-depth aspects include handling customer complaints and professional knowledge about products.

This training took the form of full participation. Through the training, employees not only increased their industry knowledge, but also deepened their understanding of the company’s mission and strategic goals, laying a solid foundation for future work.

Final report

Each department made a detailed summary and report on its work this quarter. Each department shared the results and challenges they encountered in the past quarter, and also proposed work arrangements and goals for the next quarter.

This summary and report not only allows the leadership to better understand the work of each department, but also provides a good opportunity for communication and collaboration between other departments. Mutual exchanges and communication among employees are also conducive to enhancing team cohesion and cooperation spirit.

Employee commendation

The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work and support of all employees. Maike never hesitates to encourage and reward employees, which also demonstrates the company’s care and attention to its employees.

At the end of the meeting, we commended a group of outstanding employees. They won the Best Team Award, Best Sales Award, Best Development Award, Best Newcomer Award and Outstanding Employee Award respectively. These outstanding employees have won everyone’s recognition and respect with their outstanding performance and outstanding contributions. They are the backbone of the company’s development and a symbol of their unremitting efforts.

We will continue to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next quarter with higher enthusiasm and full passion, and jointly create a more brilliant tomorrow!

The company is currently growing rapidly and is looking for several foreign trade salesmen. Everyone is welcome to join!