GEL Battery Series- MK Energy

  • Voltage level: 2V、6V、12V.
  • Design life: More than 15 years.
  • Sealing reaction efficiency:≥98%.
  • Capacity range(C20):38Ah-500Ah.
  • Low self-discharging rate:≤3% /month (25°C).
  • Wide range operating temperature: -30°C~60°C.
  • Application: Solar systems, emergency power supplies, UPS, etc.
  • Customizable batteries: voltage, capacity, appearance, terminals, features, and more.

  • Long life.
  • High rate discharging excellent performance.
  • Low self-discharging.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • High security.
  • Easy installation.
  • Clean and environment friendly.
  • Compact structure, good vibration performance, high energy ratio.

Why Choose Our Battery?

  • High Quality And Low Price
  • One-On-One High-Quality After-Sales Service
  • Efficient Logistics And Transportation
  • Large Quantities Of Batteries In Stock With Short Delivery Times
  • Complete Qualification Certification

Why Choose MK Energy?

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